Note: This wiki is has been frozen for ... how long ? ... maybe a year. It will provide content structuring for the new RuleForge site.

Business Rules, Rules Engines and the Semantic Web

This site could best be described as an interwiki rather than a wiki, mostly a research tool for cross-referencing into Wikipedia. The subjects are more tentative and far-flung than the Home and Development sites.

I've developed a small prototype of a specialized wiki search engine embedded into wiki pages. The idea is to use the links in the wiki to fed the search engine and then use the results from the search engine to validate the hierarchy of concepts. For example ...

Main subjects include:


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New Links:
A place to stash new links until I can figure out where to put them in the new scheme of things ...

Nils Nilsson on AI in 2001
Social Impacts of Agents

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